Our company is exclusive importer and distributor of Aquatir brand in USA.

Statement from Aquatir:

Aquatir Caviar is a noble product, symbol of delicious taste and royal luxury. We were able to create the most delighted and sophisticated gourmet.

The technology used in our brood stock formations allows us to get fresh fresh caviar all year round. This makes us dependable source and allows our clients to enjoy fresh black caviar every day.

We are following centuries old classical caviar production traditions and use only hand picked fresh organic sturgeon caviar and salt.

Aquatir  takes pride that all caviar comes without preservatives or any other additives to artificially enhance color, taste or aroma.

Our Sturgeons are like our babies. They are cared with shiver and love by our staff that includes ichthyologists and veterinarians. Our team created specially balanced diet to make sure they get their daily dose of vitamins. They are fead only organic food that we import from Europe. This allows us to keep them healthy while optimizing their growth.

We have a policy against GMO, growth hormones or antibiotics. We make sure our clients get 100% natural caviar and it is safe to consume. To make sure it is safe to consume for everyone without any restrictions all caviar is being tested in our own medical lab prior it is packed.

All caviar is vacuum packed at our state of the art factory facility and we made sure that perfect aroma and flavor of natural sturgeon caviar is carefully preserved for you to enjoy.

Carefully following all these prodesires is the only way to keep unique natural taste of black caviar and preserve these tremendous amount of natural vitamins which allows us to live quality life for years to come.

<<MALOSSOL>> is exposed to gentle thermal process called “pasteurization” which allows prolonging shelve life of caviar, while preserving its delicate smell and unique taste.

<<CLASSIC>> is caviar with minimal salting processlong that keeps its absolute pure taste, has light odor, tender consistency and luxurious flavor bouquet.