(Acipenser ruthenus)



  • Origin – Volga River, Bred in aquaculture
  • Grain color – Silver grey
  • Grain size – Up to 2 mm
  • Taste – Elegant flavor with a tender hint of nut
  • Ingredients – Sterlet roe, salt
  • Storage temperature – From 25 to 28 ºF
  • Opened jar temperatures –  From 32 to 42ºF up to 72 h.
  • Shelf life – 21 days from the date received
  • Available Glass jars: 28g, 50g, 100g
  • Available Tins: 10g, 20g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

CLASSIC – « None-pasteurized granular sturgeon fish caviar » – with minimal salting processing that keeps its absolute pure taste, has light odor, tender consistency and luxurious flavor bouquet.



Sterlet has a scientific name of Acipenser ruthenus but among people in Russia this Sturgeon was called Tsar Fish. Sterlet itself as well as it’s caviar was always present at the table of Russian Tsar as well as other nobelties and it was nicked named same way.

Before Russia gained access to Caspian Sea and was introduced to larger sturgeons, Sterlet which comes from Volga river population was original caviar that was exported by Russia in 18th and 19th centuries all over the Europe and its royal houses.

Due to it’s smaller size, its egg roe is very delicate but still goes up to 2mm in size and has traditional silvery grey color. Sterlet caviar has very elegant flavor with a tender hint of nut.

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